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If you are an international company trading worldwide, odds are you will have customers whose first language is not English. It could be Danish, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese. Depending on where your markets lie, you could be catering to dozens of different language groups. Some of them might be able to speak English perfectly, some might be a little shaky, and some might not be able to speak or read it at all. This is where having a flexible and dynamic website that can have multiple language options is essential. For that, you need to translate your entire website into your desired language.

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Now, this isn’t as simple and putting your text into Google translate and pasting in whatever comes out. Whilst this might seem like a tempting option, it comes with a myriad of traps and pitfalls that could prove your downfall. The biggest problem you will find is that online translators will muddle things up, get tenses wrong or, in some languages where words have multiple meanings dependant on their context, replace them with the wrong word altogether. This can be incredibly damaging not only to your content but to your reputation as a business. Not only is it confusing to read, it also becomes instantly obvious which route you have taken, and this will reflect badly on you.

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But it’s not just the text you need to think about – after all that’s not the only aspect of your website. You also need to translate your menus, any terms and conditions, headers, footers, even have your company name translated if you want to. These are all small aspects that can sometimes be very complex to change by yourself – and can sometimes even cause the entire site to crash if done incorrectly.

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In short – a bad translation job makes your website look incredibly messy and unprofessional, and will ultimately do you more harm than good. If you were using a website that was written in incredibly poor, sometimes nonsensical and messy English – would you want to buy from them? It’s the same principle in any language.

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That’s why The Hive have language translation experts on staff to help translate every aspect of your website into multiple languages including Spanish, German, Italian, French, Arabic, Dutch and Danish. Fluent in both English and your chosen language, we can decipher not only words and phrases, but also content and meaning from your text, and translate it into your chosen language. Content and meaning are some of the most important elements involved in successful translation, and are the two that are often sadly overlooked. With The Hive you can be safe in the knowledge that your website will be correct and make sense in a variety of languages, helping you to reach out across the globe to sell your products with confidence.

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To find out more about our translation service, please get in touch for a discussion and a free, no obligation quote today.

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